Suzanne has gone off to walk the Wilderness Trail on Kangaroo Island. She will be away for most of this week with her bush walking group.

While she is away Kayla, Maleko and I will have some fun, playing with light and shadows:

shadows, Rosetta Head

And I’ll try and do some local photography, start planning another Mallee Routes photo trip, read more about photobook making, continue to edit the essays for the Bowden Archives book and start getting the Adelaide Photography 1970-2000 book (with Moon Arrow Press) off the ground.
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Mad March in Adelaide

‘Mad March’ is here tomorrow and that means its Festival time in Adelaide. Fringe, the Adelaide Festival of Arts, the Clipsal 500 and Womadealide. There’s even a state election for political junkies.

Ari and I continue to cruise the CBD in the late afternoon looking for spots with interesting interplay of light and shadow:

Ari, Young St

Ari, Young St

It’s the 1picaday2014 project that has motivated me to get out and walk the city–to get away from the computer and working on images for an exhibition in April.

hardly a wave of verticals

Ari and I walked the city early this morning. It was my day off from the gym and I was looking for material for the 1picaday February’s shadow theme rather than another God’s eye view of the city that looks down on the walkers below.

Market St graffiti

Market St graffiti

I was taken back by the amount of the CBD still consisted of empty blocks, how much large sections tin garages, workshops and sheds and the increasing amount of empty shops and small offices. I was also surprised by just how minimal the urban renewals that is being being undertaken by private development in the CBD. The empty blocs are car parks and many of the low rise tin building are now trashcans.

at Port Adelaide

We attended the Friday night opening of the Mug Shots exhibition that was made by Tony Kearney and Danica Gascea McLean. This exhibition of Analogue and Alternative Photography was part of 5015 that showed photography from a variety of perspectives around the Port Adelaide area. What was alternative about the Mug Shots’ photography was that the Hasselblad’s (a 1962 500CM) medium format negatives were developed, and printed, in caffenol. The developer is non-toxic and it gives the prints a soft warm brownish tone.

After the opening, we (Suzanne, myself and Ari and Raffi, our two standard poodles) wandered over to Lipton Street to have a look at Illuminart’s Future Portal projection art on the historic, colonial buildings. Both 5015 and Future Portal are part of the weekend Port Festival.

It was a warm, gentle night with clear skies and a full moon. The Port looked at its seductive best that evening. We then slowly wandered along the wharf from where the One and All was docked up to the old Nelson St bridge:

Nelson St Bridge, Port Adelaide

Nelson St Bridge, Port Adelaide

Some of my Port Adelaide work–the old black and white work made on large format cameras and the newer colour work made with medium format Rolleiflexes— was included in 5015. They are being shown in an empty shop in The Mall.

along Sturt St

I am fairly frustrated at the moment as I can only take a few snaps whilst I’m walking both Ari and Raffi on the late afternoon poodlewalk. Raffi, now 6 months, requires full time minding.

The picture below is a good example–one made on the run. Thankfully Suzanne will have a break from work and this will give me more time for photography.

 Sturt St

Sturt St is ripe for redevelopment–both the streetscape and the buildings. The promised, or rather proposed buildings, are high rise apartments. It’s part of the vibrancy agenda of both the state government and the Adelaide City Council. Adelaide is slowly moving from years of plans on plans to a bit of action. My urban neighbourhood is starting to change. It’s becoming more a place of people than trucks and warehouses.

urban abstract

This picture was taken with a Leica film camera on a poodlewalk in the CBD of Adelaide before Raffi arrived from Melbourne, and we had the week’s break down at Victor Harbor. Ari and I are currently unable to wander the city like we used to used. Raffi is just too small.

wall abstract

wall abstract

Consequently, this week has been one of mostly hanging out in Whitmore Square, or in the protected areas in the Adelaide parklands near Veale Gardens where it is safe for Raffi to be off lead.

Cannon St

After returning to Adelaide from painting the weekender at Victor Harbor Ari and I walked the streets of the CBD around the Central Market Precinct. It was the late afternoon walk and I was looking for some ideas to continue working on the Adelaide book.

Cannon St, abstract

Daylight saving had just started and there is now light in the city until after 7pm. Summer is just around the corner. The urban light has changed and become more hard edged. I stay in the shadows more.