This photoblog publishes the  snaps or pictures that I make whilst I’m on my daily walks with our  standard poodles–Ari and Agtet. Suzanne does the morning walk (5am) and I do the afternoon one.

There is a routine to these afternoon walks in terms of the same routes. Whilst on them I started to photograph the humble things that other people may not look at; things that I would not normally see if I was walking on my own. The idea is to publish some of the snaps that I’ve taken whilst walking with the dogs each afternoon; or on a photowalk when I’m out of town.

The general idea is that the photo blog becomes a digital visual diary or journal that shows what I am seeing and visually exploring whilst walking with the poodles. This process is an attempt to understand my work by observing and representing the very humble everyday surroundings of my everyday life. Though the aesthetic is that of a snapshot it does not pretend to be photojournalism, that is a document that says this is the way things are.

Though it is kind of intimate, like a diary, it is constructed as a digital publication and so is a part of thge conversational world that is Web 2.O. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with digital photography – always photographing the same subjects, from the same angles, in the same mood, in the same style etc. Hence the idea of a digital a scrapbook with images and text. It is not filled with with images that others had taken–which is one version of visual scrap book—because Flickr provides that source of visual inspiration.

It is lo-fi because that is the style of photography that comes from using a Sony prosumer point and shoot digital camera to make these pictures. The aesthetic is that of a snapshot. The editing that I do in Lightroom or Silver Efex Pro is minimal, and it is mostly corrective in nature, or to enhance the mood of the moment.

I dodge and burn mainly to control how I want people to look at my photograph; to give it a sense of depth and to bring the picture to life as an image. This has little to do with the current return to a conception of beauty that holds beauty is in the ‘eye of the beholder’ as it is more akin to jotting down an idea, thought, picture that can be worked on.

What is unfolding from this process is that I’m increasingly using the digital camera as a way to make a photographic sketch, both to see own the subject looks photographed and whether it is suitable to reshoot with a large format camera. So the blog becomes part of my workflow as a photographer.

Rhizomes1 used to be my main photo blog whilst junk for code used to be my writings about photography in our visual culture.


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