on Hall Creek Rd

Hall Creek Rd is a back country road in Waitpinga, on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia. We have been walking along it in the late afternoon during the recent stormy weather whilst Suzanne has been away walking the Heysen Trail around Laura in the mid-north.

The road is part of the Heysen Trail, and so it is quiet. It is protected from the winds, has the afternoon sun, is reasonably dry, and the fences on both sides of the road are in good condition. The latter is crucial because there are often kangaroos in the fields:

Hall Creek Rd, Waitpinga

Hall Creek Rd, Waitpinga

The fences prevent the standard poodles from entering the fields to chase the kangaroos. If the kangaroos are grazing amongst the road side vegetation, which they sometimes do, they are able to jump the fences into the fields.

Occasionally we come across rabbits and foxes, but they move very fast when they see the poodles and they are able to get through the fence full flight.

I drive up to Hall Creek Rd from our place on the coast at the western end of Encounter Bay near Rosetta Head:

Rosetta Head, Encounter Bay

Rosetta Head, Encounter Bay

There is no creek as such. The bottom of the road is in a slight valley or gulley, and though there are temporary wetlands when there is lot of rain, there is no creek. Maybe one existed in the winter years long ago.


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