a tree study

This was one of the last images I made on a poodle walk before the digital SONY NEX-7 went into the camera shop to have its sensor cleaned. The sensor had become really dirty on the road trips to the Coorong and to Wallaroos and the camera’s cleaning mechanism was up to the task. I needed the sensor to be cleaned for the road trip along the Mallee Highway next week.

tree study

tree study

I see the same objects every day, in slightly different light and from slightly different angles on specific poodle walks. This is what contributes to my overall impression and memories of the object: it isn’t a single encounter but a series of experiences. So I select the most suitable–in this case 5×7 format, late afternoon light, and some cloud— rather than going in the composite direction.

The Sony NEX-7 has been in the shop for a week, and I am finding that I am rather lost without a walk around  digital camera. I had developed a specific work flow using a digital camera of taking photos and studying them on the computer screen. I am now experiencing broken workflow. Using a film Leica is not the same because I cannot see the images on my computer screen straight away. So I don’t know what the pictures look like and I cannot study them to see if it is worthwhile returning  to the scene with a medium or large format camera.


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