at Currency Creek

We all went for a walk at Currency Creek on the previous long weekend–Adelaide Cup Day. I hadn’t been there for ages–several years in fact. The photography that I did then was rather disappointing, and I hadn’t been all that keen on returning. This was a family outing:

Currency Creek

Currency Creek

On previous visits we have had the place to ourselves. Not this time. It was packed. People were camping in the picnic ground that is opposite the historic Kingsbrook estate. There are now a lot more people touring around and visiting the Fleurieu Peninsula these days.

I did a bit of scoping as I decided that I am going to have another go at photographing this place. The railway viaduct is what I am going to have a ago at with large format cameras:

viaduct, Currency Creek

viaduct, Currency Creek

I will use the 8×10 Cambo monorail and black and white film. It has better movements than the 5×4 Linhof Technika and I also want to refer back to the late 19th century photos of the viaduct.


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