walking in the Coorong

On our return trip to Adelaide from Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road we tacked on a couple of days onto the return journey so that we could stay at Salt Creek in the Coorong. I wanted to go photographing, and to scope the area for the Edgelands project. This stopover was after we had spent a few days in exploring in the Otways.

Whilst at Salt Creek Ari and I walked in, and explored, the nearby edgelands on an overcast day for a future large format photoshoot:



I had to admit it, but I got completely lost whilst wandering around scoping for some large format photography, and I had to rely on Ari to get me back to the car. I would have remained disorientated without Ari as I had just wandering around completely absorbed in photographing without giving much though to the fact that I was actually “bushwalking”, and that I hadn’t taken any precautions.

It would have taken me quite a while to find my way back to the car without Ari. He knew exactly where to go, even though we weren’t retracing our steps–I wanted to explore more of the edges of the lagoons on the way back to the car.

lagoon water, Coorong

lagoon water, Coorong

The Coorong is a fascinating, multilayered place. I approached photogprahjng it by underexposing in broad daylight. I’m not sure this approach to create the strangeness of the scenes in daylight actually worked.


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