An example of me slowly finding my feet in the scrub/bush. Ari, Malek and I walked along the Heysen Trail in Waitpinga in the late afternoon and hung out at this spot:



I am increasingly shifting to photographing the bush in black and white, even though I scope the bush that we are walking through in colour with either a digital camera or an iPhone.

Given the current connection between landscape and Romanticism in Australia I am surprised to read that Australia failed to develop its own Romantic tradition. Paul Kane says that what Wordsworth and Coleridge did for Brain, Emerson and Whitman did for the USA, Rousseau and Chateaubriand for France, and Goethe and Holderin did for Germany, didn’t happen in Australia.

There was no Romantic tradition in taste, thought, literature and art in Australia. Romanticism became a foreign mode and could only be imitated and derivative. There was a gap, an absence, in Australia’s literary and visual art heritage.


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