along Hindmarsh lagoon

This picture was made whilst I was walking with the three standard poodles around  the lagoon of the Hindmarsh River at Encounter Bay, Victor Harbor,  late in the afternoon:

Hindmarsh Lagoon

Hindmarsh Lagoon

I was scoping as usual— looking for photographic subjects whilst on the poodlewalks.

Basically I am teaching myself how to photograph the bush and, to a lesser extent, the foreshore along the southern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula. The latter  work is mostly abstractions of the rocks on the coastline.

I am beginning to realise that there is not much of a tradition in Australian photography of photographing the bush; or if there is such a tradition, then it is not obvious and I do not know it apart from the odd photo of trees.

Melaleuca trunk

Melaleuca trunk

So its working in a vacuum. Take a photo with a digital camera whilst on a poodlewalk, upload the digital file to the computer, see if it looks okay after a couple of days, and if it is, then go back and reshoot with a film camera.


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