Whilst Suzanne has been away walking the Heysen Trail around the Kapunda and Burra area in South Australia this week, I’ve been minding the standard poodle, processing and uploading some of the images from my road trips early this year, and planning the Mallee Highway silo project for next winter. I’m very limited in where I can go walking at the moment because I have to stay in, and around, areas that are from the dam grass seeds. They are everywhere.

I have been limited to walking along the coastline at such places as Kings Beach and Kings Head where there are few people. Or walking along the country roads that are part of the Heysen Trail and that don’t have that many grass seeds amongst the roadside vegetation.

rockface, Kings Head

rockface, Kings Head

I cannot do much photography when I am walking with three dogs. I have to keep an eye on the dogs rather than use the poodle walks to look for photographic opportunities:

All that I can really manage is to make a few snaps and, if they turn out alright, I go back latter.

4 trees, Halls Creek Rd

4 trees, Halls Creek Rd

It’s nearly summer time known South Australia and that means limited photography time: its all blue cloudless skies, contrasty, glaring light and high temperatures. That’s great for summer holidays, but for photography it means working very early in the morning at sunrise , or close to twilight time at the end of the day.


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