after the storms

Spring means turbulent weather on the southern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula rain, cold, sun, gusty wind, clouds. There can be 4 seasons in one day, or a couple of days of big storms followed hot weather where the day temperature changes by 10-15 degrees i.e., going from 15 degrees to 29, then back to 15 again.

The winter storms have stripped the beaches west of Rosetta Head of sand and it is not clear that the sand will return for the summer holiday season.

dead sea lion

dead sea lion

The above carcass was washed up on what we call Dog Beach (it’s proper name is Debbs Beach, but unlike Kings Beach it doesn’t have its own Facebook page).    I found it hard to identify what the carcass is. It’s definitely not a dolphin or a seal. My guess is that it is a sea lion.



It is not often that the early mornings have been conducive to photography. I was lucky to have one morning that was okay when on a poodle walk up Rosetta Head. Rosetta Head or The Bluff has its Facebook page. 

It’s pretty exposed up there and I have been waiting  for some early morning cloud, soft sun,  and low wind to go up again with  the large format gear.


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