revisiting Port Adelaide

After sitting the final day of my Australian Abstractions exhibition at the Light Gallery I drove down to Port Adelaide to see some of the local SALA exhibitions before they finished. They cafe’s were closed, so Ari and I wandered around the place. It had been a while since we’d done that.

I took a few snaps in, and around, some of my favourite haunts:

Viterra,Port Adelaide

Viterra,Port Adelaide

Photographing the Port was going to be a central project for me several years ago, but it kinda faded away for some reason. It was where I started my large format work in black and white in the 1980s when I had a studio at Bowden, and I returned to when I picked up my large format photography again 30 years latter. But the momentum died as I slowly lost interest.

The Vittera silo picture had eluded me in the past, and so I revisited the spot to see if I could improve on what I’d done before composition wise:

rusty chain

rusty chain

I will return and reshoot what I’d scoped above with the Vittera silo architecture,   but the Port Adelaide project has come to a close.It just remains to edit the pictures for the gallery at the Thoughtfactory website.

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