walking Creswick

I was in Ballarat to see the 2015 Ballarat International Foto Biennale and for the opening of the Time exhibition, which was in the basement of the Lost Ones Gallery in Camp Street. I had a couple of photos in the exhibition.

Whilst in Ballarat I stayed in a cottage in Creswick. Even though none of the poodles were with me on this phototrip, I did the equivalent of an early morning poodlewalk around the town. I initially wandered along a small creek behind the town centre where people were walking their dogs:

trees, Creswick

trees, Creswick

Then I walked around the town looking at the old architecture in the soft, early morning light. Many of the public buildings are heritage.

British Hotel

British Hotel

Creswick, a former gold-mining town, is now a timber town, and, unlike other timber towns, the timber appears to come from pine plantations rather than the old growth forests. I presume that much of the original eucalypt forest was ravaged by the mining activity in 1880s. It is also a tourist town.


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