picking up the threads

Suzanne returned home last Friday from her 9 day walk on the Larapinta Trail plus some sightseeing at Kings Canyon, then Uluru and Kata Tjuta. She has a a few days at home in Victor Harbor, then she is off to a 4 day Heysen Trail camp at Deep Creek Conservation Park over the weekend.

I’m starting to pick up the threads of my photography which dropped away whilst Suzanne was in the Northern Territory. I have done little scoping of photography shoots during that period:

Maleko, Hayborough railway line

Maleko, Hayborough railway line

Most of my effort at the moment is devoted to preparing for the abstraction exhibition at the Light Gallery during the SALA Festival in August, which includes a SALA portfolio.

All that I have been able to scope whilst walking three dogs is bits of the bush in the late afternoon:

Eucalypt, Tugwell Rd

Eucalypt, Tugwell Rd

That is one image that I will probably go back to with the appropriate large format camera.

From what I can gather there is little large format photography currently being done in Adelaide after the digital revolution. One exception is Ed Douglas, who currently has an exhibition at the Prospect Gallery in Adelaide. It is 1970s black and white modernism: studio based work of tree trunks and branches with natural lighting. The style is minimal and austere. Many would find it unappealing.

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