2015 Magpie Springs photo competition

The last poodlewalk before I left for a photo trip to Wellington, New Zealand, was to Magpie Springs to take some photos for their 2015 photography competition. I had already scoped the area I was interested in and Ari and Kayla hung around and waited for me.



Once the negatives had been developed and scanned and I was looking at them on the computer screen it was clear that some of the 5×4 pictures did not work including one of the above. It was also too similar to the picture that I’d entered in the 2014 competition.

Lucky for me the rain stayed away whilst I was on the photoshoot with the 5×4 Linhof and I was able to do a number of photos of different subject matter, such as the fungi growing at the base of a log.



Once the photoshoot was done we—Ari, Kayla and myself—then walked around the vines just before the sun disappeared behind the hills. There was time for a  quick drink and chat with Avril Thomas before I drove back to Encounter Bay in the dark to  a glass of Magpie Springs merlot.


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