Lady Bay

We have had visitors from Melbourne staying at our place in Victor Harbor over Easter. Since they are both friends and photographers one of the days during Easter was devoted to a photography excursion to the western Fleurieu Peninsula coast.

We went to see the exhibition of the Fleurieu Four Seasons Prize for Landscape Photography at the Normanville Beach Gallery and Cafe Foreshore,  and then spent time exploring   the coastal bays and settlements  that form part of the western Fleurieu Peninsula.

Lady Bay

Lady Bay

The exploration included Lady Bay, Wirrina Cove, Second Valley, Rapid Bay, then finally Delamare before returning to Victor Harbor along the Range Road. It was very bright and sunny in the afternoon,  and these kind of conditions are not good for photography.  Ari, Maleko and I wandered along the beach at Lady Bay  for a poodle walk and I used it to scoped the cliffs for a photoshoot in better conditions:

cliffs, Lady Bay

cliffs, Lady Bay

The two pictures that I had in mind before we took the trip —a strand of gum trees near the Delamare Anglican Church and the hills at Rapid Bay — were not possible because of the strong, contrasty late afternoon light.

These are winter shoots. The light is softer then and further around to the west. Or overcast days in autumn.

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