Prior going to Melbourne Ari, Kayla and I walked around the Victor Harbor township for our early morning poodle walks. I was interested in finding out what was happening with the early morning light in autumn. The light has been shifting quite quickly.

Victor Harbor beach

Victor Harbor beach

The photographic possibilities are not that numerous in and around the township, and I’m using the poodlewalks to find out what is there. At this stage it’s more about the light than the subject matter.

Morton Bay Fig

Morton Bay Fig

Whilst walking around I haven’t seen any evidence of Telstra’s payphone sites being  modified to provide their own Wi-Fi service, even though Victor Harbor is a tourist town and we are in the second decade of the digital century.Telstra is using public payphone infrastructure as sites for Wi-Fi access points and I used them when I was walking around  Melbourne’s CBD.

It does not look as if NBN Co is going to take the first step towards becoming a wholesale Wi-Fi provider in the immediate future. Nor is there any evidence of a community public Wi-Fi rollout in Victor Harbor to enable the emergence of a connected, innovative, digital economy.


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