on small walks

With few exceptions, my photography has been limited to the small walks I’ve been doing in and around Encounter Bay with Kayla and Ari in both the morning and evening. They are small walks because Kayla, who is still only 9-10 weeks old, cannot walk that far.

We hang about for a while on the beach on each walk so that Kayla can play in the sand and seaweed and rest. Ari stands guard and I learn to ‘be  in the moment’ and look for photographic subject matter.

tuna head

tuna head

Given the limited opportunities for photography I have to make do with what I can find whilst on the small walks.
Though it has been mostly blue sky and bright sun, the coastal environment has much more cloud cover than Adelaide. I often find myself looking at the cloud patterns  in the sky when the clouds  do appear.



Sometimes I strike it lucky, as I did on our first extended evening walk on Friday evening. It was humid, the cloud cover was extensive and there was the promise of  rain. As usual, there were only a few drops.


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