coming to an end

The days of living and walking in the CBD of Adelaide are coming to a close. The poodlewalk with Ari last Saturday morning will be one of the last as the townhouse is due to go on the market in mid-January.When it is sold–as we hope–then that will be the end of us living in the CBD.

Ibis Hotel

Ibis Hotel

We now live in the townhouse in order to scrub it up–clean it and paint it –for sale. The cameras, computers and scanners are now at Victor Harbor, which is the southern outer suburban rim of Adelaide. We are about one and half hours travelling time by car from the CBD. The car, rather than walking, will now be our primary mode of transport. There is no public transport from the CBD to the outer suburban coastal rim. Nor will there be.

I’ve enjoyed my years of walking the CBD of Adelaide and photographing the urban light. This kind of photography will continue once we have set up our base in Victory Harbor, but this kind of urban exploration will be centred around Melbourne and it will involve phototrips to that city.


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