the conservative prescription for Adelaide

As Ari and I wander around the CBD I cannot help but noticing how lively the city of Adelaide is becoming as a result of the state Labor government and the Adelaide City Council’s attempts to make the CBD a more vibrant place to live.

So it is with some dismay that I read the two Liberal candidates for Lord Mayor–Mark Hamilton and Michael Henningsen— are intent on rolling back the gains because we have lost our pride in Adelaide.

Langdon studio

Langdon studio

Between them these two candidates want more cars in the city; they want to do away with bike and bus lanes; they are opposed to high rise apartments; see the attempts to make the CBD a more vibrant place (eg., the upgrade to Victoria Square) as flawed and self-indulgent; and they want to return council to refocus on repairing the streets i.e. to focus on the traditional roads, rates and rubbish.


2 thoughts on “the conservative prescription for Adelaide

  1. Thanks for the write up on your views of the Lord Mayor candidates, and thoughts on Adelaide’s progress. I think we need leadership which continues to develop Adelaide’s accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians with less focus on cars. Better public transport, more vibrancy within the city through pop-up initiatives, splash Adelaide, and square re-development.


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