wandering Victoria Square

The heatwave continues in Adelaide. The temperatures hover around 43 degrees Celsius during the day and 33 degrees at night. Though Ari and went I walking at dawn the streets in the CBD were hot. There was no hint of a cool breeze and little cloud cover.

The Tour Down Under had finished and the northern section of the square had been opened up to the public. We wandered over to Victoria Square to see the transformation or renewal. They have been redeveloping it for a year or more and stage one was finished. The fountain had been redesigned as a water play area, there was a large section of lawn to hang about in, and two temporary arbours with metallic shading and the curved wooden seating on each side.

It’s modern and more functional than the old one, which was a dead space with a few stunted trees and old park benches. It was a run down, dead public space that attracted very few people.

Victoria Square

Victoria Square

The new northern section looked to be a heat trap. There is no way that people from the office buildings around the square would gather there to sit and relax during the day. There was no shade at all apart from the arbours or shade house and there is heaps of reinforced concrete under the lawn.

I have no idea what stage 2 or 3 of the redevelopment involves. It does look as if it has to do with rerouting the traffic and tramline on the eastern side. It does not appear that the Wakefield-Grote Streets road, which cuts the square in two, will be under grounded.

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