Victoria Square

Ari + I wandered around the Victoria Square precinct early this morning. It was to be a hot day in Adelaide –around 40 degrees C –and so were were out walking at 5.30 am. I’d badly hurt my back on a Sunday photo shoot and I could barely walk on Monday and Tuesday. I was able to move more easily this morning, albeit slowly.

I was hoping to take some photos of the renovation/upgrade/revamp to Victoria Square but it was just too difficult, even at that hour of the morning. It’s a building site as it has been all year with all the underground work. A building site means no public access.

Victoria Square

Victoria Square

The square–Tarntanyangga–is a chaotic mess, and it is very difficult to get a sense of what is being built from walking around. A public square or piazza? It is still cut in two by the east-west traffic, and it appears that it will have some sort of place for people to gather to watch activities. The radical option of putting the traffic under the Square was not really considered as it was too expensive.


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