KI: day 3

Ari and I wandered down to some old logs in the wetlands along the walking trail at American River early this morning. I’d been there on an earlier shoot in January and I was hoping that the longs would be suitable for an 8×10 black and white shoot. They were in my imagination, but when we got to the location I realized that they were far too small.

log+bush, KI

log+bush, KI

My memory had let me down. I had imagined the logs to be large enough for the 8×10 on the big tripod.They weren’t. I felt deflated.


3 thoughts on “KI: day 3

  1. I know that deflated feeling very well. I frequently have these “great” ideas for images in places that I have visited before, but when I come back my “minds eye” has been exaggerating things again. Oh well.


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