being without a car

Suzanne has left Victor Harbor for a 4-5 day walk in the Flinders Ranges. She has taken the car. The rest of the household–me, Ari and Raffi — are staying at Victor Harbour without the use of a car as we only have one car these days. I do have a recently purchased push bike so that I can go to the shops to replenish supplies.

So instead of taking the car to a location then walking, our poodle walks over the next 5 days will be walking everywhere. They will be limited in scope as it will be too far to walk to Kings Head with my film cameras to reshoot this rock study:

grey rock

grey rock

We are more or less restricted to the Encounter Bay, Rosetta Head, Petrel Cove and the Dog Beach area. There is no wandering down country roads checking out the roadside vegetation. We move slowly along the beach because there are dead cormorants everywhere for some reason, and Ari has a pressing need to bury them.


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