at Port Adelaide

We attended the Friday night opening of the Mug Shots exhibition that was made by Tony Kearney and Danica Gascea McLean. This exhibition of Analogue and Alternative Photography was part of 5015 that showed photography from a variety of perspectives around the Port Adelaide area. What was alternative about the Mug Shots’ photography was that the Hasselblad’s (a 1962 500CM) medium format negatives were developed, and printed, in caffenol. The developer is non-toxic and it gives the prints a soft warm brownish tone.

After the opening, we (Suzanne, myself and Ari and Raffi, our two standard poodles) wandered over to Lipton Street to have a look at Illuminart’s Future Portal projection art on the historic, colonial buildings. Both 5015 and Future Portal are part of the weekend Port Festival.

It was a warm, gentle night with clear skies and a full moon. The Port looked at its seductive best that evening. We then slowly wandered along the wharf from where the One and All was docked up to the old Nelson St bridge:

Nelson St Bridge, Port Adelaide

Nelson St Bridge, Port Adelaide

Some of my Port Adelaide work–the old black and white work made on large format cameras and the newer colour work made with medium format Rolleiflexes— was included in 5015. They are being shown in an empty shop in The Mall.


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