Wednesday morning

I had Wednesday morning off from working out at the gym and Ari and I wandered around the Adelaide Oval for our early morning poodlewalks:

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval

The modernization of the Adelaide Oval is a big deal in terms of urban renewal. The boosters even say that it will lead to a sports-led recovery of an economically depressed Adelaide. That should be taken with a grain of salt. Sports fans–football and cricket– ain’t going to revitalise the CBD just by coming to a stadium once a week then returning home to the dormitory suburbs in their cars.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday morning

  1. I know many might disagree, Gary, but Melbourne is being ripped apart by reckless, ill-considered development. Adelaide – even if it’s not jumping with new growth – has retained its character. I know where I’d rather be living if I had the choice.


  2. Faisal,
    I understand that the push for badly designed concrete glass towers financed by private and sovereign capital from Asia and the Middle East is being lead by the Victorian Planning Minister, one Matthew Guy. He appears to be indifferent to street flow and buzz as well as urban texture.


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