at Dog Beach

It rained on the Sunday morning poodlewalk in the Adelaide Parklands. We got soaked.

Then it was bright and sunny when I went to the Scammell’s auction of the Dr. Gary Scroop collection at 9.30 am where I bought a baby (lightweight) Linhof tripod for the digital Sony NEX-7. When I left the auction at 2pm there was a strong north westerly blowing and it was very warm.

The wind had eased by the time of the poodlewalk along the coastal foreshore at Victor Harbor. Dark clouds were coming across the cliff tops as we were finishing the walk. There was a violent electrical storm just after we arrived home. The walk along the foreshore was pleasant—the calm before the storm—and I was able to explore close-ups of the rocks at ground level with a handheld Sony NEX-7:

rock study, Dog Beach

rock study, Dog Beach

The problem I have is finding those rocks with interesting forms that I can photograph with a camera on a tripod. The tripod would need to open out so that it is spreadeagled close to the ground, and I’d need to use a camera with a wide angle lens that can do close ups. That limits my scope of action.


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