in the Adelaide parklands

This picture was snapped with the Sony NEX-7 early in the week after we’d returned from spending a weekend in Victor Harbor. It was made on a poodlewalk in low light in the section of the Adelaide Parklands that is close to the tram line along King William Rd.

I made the picture inbetween showers with an eye to the possibility for a reshoot with a large format camera–my old Cambo 5×7 SC monorail, which has been sitting unused ever since Raffi arrived. Though I toyed with a moody, twilight look I decided against it.

trunk, Morton Bay Fig

trunk, Morton Bay Fig

I’ve come across few possibilities for large format work in the parklands in spite of doing a lot of scoping whilst walking with the poodles. I thought that I would have come across a lot more possibilities. It’s turning out that most of the subject matter suits a handheld digital camera.

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