returning to Mt Barker

Whilst the poodles were being clipped and groomed I spent a couple of hours walking around Mt Barker in the early morning taking photos. I Prior to that I walked along the creek that feed into the Laratinga Wetland. I never made it to the wetlands, as it became too hot to do any photography after 10 am.

creek, Mt Barker

creek, Mt Barker

I planned to do the wetlands in the afternoon when I picked the poodles up. It would be an afternoon poodle walk. We set out along the creek around 3pm, but it was too hot to continue walking in the sun. It was unpleasant in the full sun.

The current weather is very unseasonal for mid-autumn. The night temperatures are 22 degrees (C), there are bush fires in the Adelaide Hills, and there’s little rain. South Australia is becoming hotter and it is drying out.

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