white rock

A while ago, whilst on a poodlewalk with Ari, I spent an afternoon playing around at Kings Head with my Leica M4-P and some slow black and white film that I’d purchased by mistake from a photoshop in Adelaide. I was after 120 black and white film.

By “playing around” I mean that I was exploring the possibilities of black and white, slow film and shallow depth of field combination. I scanned the negatives (35mm + 6×6) yesterday when I was at Encounter Studio in Victor Harbor. The results are quite okay for 35mm.

rock, Kings Head

rock, Kings Head

Normally I only make black and white pictures when I’m working with the Rolleiflex SL66 on a tripod using colour film. I’ve started to quickly change film backs and take the same picture in black and white, just to see what it looks like. Some work okay.


5 thoughts on “white rock

  1. Gary I am sorry but it is seems intellectual and drab. there is too much contrast between the features . Why did you not pull this contrast down so we can see all the picture. Either in camera or post. And honestly what is the pint of monochrome at all, people like colour


  2. Paul,
    fair points. I did pull the contrast down. The picture does look more drab on WordPress than it does in Lightroom. I will do another version along the lines you suggest and add to the post.


  3. Paul,
    re your remark: “what is the point monochrome at all, people like colour.” I work in both colour and black and white. I’m experimenting with black and white as I’m finding that sometimes a picture works better in black and white than it does in colour.


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