at Mt Barker

Last week I spend some time walking around Mt Barker with Ari whilst Raffi was being groomed. We walked around the Mt Barker railway station precinct. The station has been closed to passenger traffic and it now only functions as an entry point for the tourist steam train to Strathalbyn in the non summer months.

Mt Barker is named after a captain Collet Barker, who was sent in 19831 to explore the east coast of Gulf St Vincent in South Australia to see if another channel from the Murray entered the sea there. The information provided by Captain Barker’s exploration influenced the choice of Adelaide for the South Australian Settlement five years later in 1836 at Holdfast Bay.

The colours in the Adelaide hills were stunning. I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps, as the colours were seductive:

leaves + log

leaves + log

We don’t see these colours in the city of Adelaide as the street trees are mostly the English plane trees. Many in the council are opposed to eucalypts as street trees because they drop branches.


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