at Dry Creek

Whilst Suzanne and Ari were at puppy pre-school (ABT) in Regency Park Ari and I wandered around the industrial area of Dry Creek/Cavan Rd that was nearby.

I had been there years ago photographing a power station in black and white with a large format camera. I’d recently come across some of the work in the archives and I wanted to revisit the location and possibly pre-scope some images.

Dry Creek power station

Dry Creek power station

We used the hour or so of the poodlewalk to walk the area to look for the spot where I was standing when I photographed the power station. “Walking the dog” eased the suspicions of security as we slowly walked around the power station, making sure we stayed on the public land.


5 thoughts on “at Dry Creek

  1. Shakti=–no, it is still operating as a peak loading plant–it is gas operated and can be started up quickly. My only association with it earlier was that I took some b+w photos of it with a large format camera.


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