Columns of warm air continue to move across southern Australia, whilst a slow-moving high-pressure system means that the hot conditions are expected to be stable over much of south-eastern Australia for another week.

We are midway through a long heatwave in Adelaide with no relief (tempertures below 30 degrees) expected until Thursday of next week.

Adelaide parklands

Adelaide parklands

The earth in the parklands is cracking badly, from the lack of moisture and the prolonged heat.

Even though we were walking through the patches of shade made by the trees it was too hot for the poodles on the lunchtime walk in the parklands today.They walked so far, then turned around and headed back to the car.

2 thoughts on “heatwave

  1. I lived for years in the city without airconditioning and I found it very difficult to cope. So I can empathize. Our houses are not built for the heat. We have airconditioning at Sturt St. It is necessary as my office is upstairs and it has big windows facing north and west. Its lovely in winter but it is would be unbearable in the summer without airconditioning.

    We are off to Victor Harbor this weekend and the weekender has no airconditioning. It relies on cool sea breezes. I suspect that the house will be very hot.


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