at Kings Head point

Now that Posterous is definitely closing on April 30th my Encounter Studio blog will be incorporated into poodlewalks. I will upgrade it so the image quality is improved and then shift to hosting the bog myself. I am not sure at this stage where I will migrate the draft of my Victor Harbor book. I still need a platform that I can continue to work on, and to add additional material (text and photos) to old posts. Tumblr is out.

Yesterday evening we–myself, Suzanne, Ari and Raffi— all went to Kings Head. It was a still, soft evening and it incorporated a poodlewalk for Ari and Raffi, a swim for Suzanne, and some photography for me on the point:

Kings Head point

Kings Head point

I’d returned to make a photo of this picture with a medium format camera in colour and black and white. I was continuing to pick up from where I’d left off before we went for our holiday at American river on Kangaroo Island.


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