Agtet: in memoriam

Our poodlewalks will probably be very different from now on, given what has happened to Agtet at the very end of our Tasmanian trip.

Agtet had a serious accident arising from stomach bloat and he will propably not recover. He has been recovering from the surgery but, as he also suffered from cardiac arrest just after the surgery, his neurological functionality was impaired. Unfortunately, the neurological improvement has been extremely slow.

This picture was taken on location in Zeehan, an old mining town on the west coast of Tasmania:

Agtet’s stomach had twisted 360 degrees after we arrived in Geelong from Tasmania on the ferry last Monday–the 2nd of April. He has been at the Vet hospital in Werribee since then, and his recovery during that week has been small step by painful step. We have been staying with my sister at Safety Beach on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula during that time.


12 thoughts on “Agtet: in memoriam

  1. Once again I am very sorry that Agtet ( and I spelt his name correctly this time xxx) lost his life here on earth but we all know he has gone to a wonderful place called Rainbow Bridge. What a beautiful photo you have of him, that memory is precious. Take care. Give Ari another cuddle, his buddy is no longer by his side.


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  3. Gary, my condolences on the loss of Atget. My daughter has a standard poodle also. He’s Olivier and I will tell her to be aware of this kind of complication. I’m not a dog owner but this breed is an amazingly astute and intelligent dog.



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  6. So sorry to hear about Atget. He was such a lovely work colleague, despite stealing my lunch on a number of occasions. Its good you have some beautiful photos to remember him by.


  7. Amy,
    ‘Oh I’d forgotten about the lunch steal episodes. Are you sure it was Agtet?–Ari is the one with a too keen eye for food. Suzanne is currently in Paris grieving, and going in search of the photographs of Old Paris by Eugene Atget. Agtet was named after Atget.


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