Gormanston landscape

The rains have come and gone in Queenstown. Today we are back to the bright sunshine with a bit of cloud cover. Yesterday was passing showers and misty conditions. The showers meant that I stayed close to the car when photographing so that I could sit them out.

In the morning I wandered around Gormanston. There are lots of ‘For Sale” signs–for blocks and houses— but there are few buyers. This is surprising, for Gormanston is just down the road from Lake Burbury. Why aren’t the fishermen buying the old houses for their fishing shacks?

Dreams die hard in this old mining village:

Gormanston, Tasmania

Tasmania, Gormanston, house, abandoned, digital, Olympus, phototrip

The brick walls were being built around the old tin wall. These were mostly completed and then everything stopped before the roof was put on. That’s what happens to old mining towns. They become ghosts towns.


2 thoughts on “Gormanston landscape

  1. Hi, here are a few notes to add to your review of Gormanston, in regards to the photo you have taken of a derelict house, sadly the roof is no longer on the house due to a fire that gutted the whole place approx 5 or so years ago. The house was lived in for many years prior to this accident, its last owner being a well known local in Queenstown, We recently purchased this property with plans to replace the gutted out house with a small holiday home and make use of the world class fishing available at Lake Burbury.

    There are a lot of for sales signs in Gormanston because people buy the blocks thinking they are cheap, but when they go to the West Coast Council to enquire about a building permit, they are made aware of the huge costs involved regarding the need to have a waste water management system in place, this is due to the land being zoned as “natural resources”. Perhaps if the council were not so strict with their requirements, there would be a lot more holiday homes being built as it is only a stones throw from the fish laden Lake Burbury…I also think the cost of building is significantly increased due to the fairly remote location of Gormanston and the lack of building materials available locally. hopefully the future will bring brighter things for Gormanston township.


    • Thanks for that very helpful information. The Council restrictions that limit housing make sense, as I would have thought Gormaston would be popular, given that as it is only a stones throw from the fish laden Lake Burbury.


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