Bam, Pow, Zapp

Our responses to adverts in the city is often a blase one. In moving around the city we rarely distinguish individual advertisements from those of other campaigns and rarely `read’ the advertisement in a classic sense. It’s a defensive mode.

Pulteney Grammar

This is in spite or advertising companies producing urban mappings of the trajectories, speeds, social groups, and experiences in ways that are instrumentally oriented towards selling or promoting those urban `texts’ they write as efficient consumer-targeting material.


2 thoughts on “Bam, Pow, Zapp

  1. Whether it’s because this ad is placed where it is, singularly, without other visual distraction, or whether the ad itself is an ad within an ad, and the painting at first glance so obviously not an ad, I find it effective. I certainly have had to stop and look at this, and I confess, I look at ads as little as possible and avoid commercial television. The ad makes a good point – that learning beyond the classroom may involve a double-take, or being in a non-classroom setting, or becoming aware of resources not normally considered educational in these pragmatic times.


  2. It is an interesting ad because of the photograph of the school kids sitting in front of the Tom Roberts painting–The Breakaway–in the SA Art Gallery. This painting of historical rural Australia recreates the idealistic and nostalgic image of the Australian bush that has been appropriated as a symbol of national identity (pastoral Australia) by nationalists.


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