Kangaroo Island–2007

We are at Victor Harbor for the long weekend along with heaps of other people who are having fun. It is definitely early autumn on the Fleurieu Peninsula, for though the days are hot, the early morning air is crisp and the nights are cool.

I have been going through my digital archive, looking at the pictures that were initially taken with the digital point and shoot around 2007 on a trip we did to Kangaroo Island in autumn 2007:

dead tree

I’ve never really looked at the pictures closely. They had the date digitally stamped all over them and they were not shot as jpeg’s and not in raw. I didn’t really know what I was doing then. A friend set the camera up for me–the menu looked looked far too complicated after a using a Lecia rangefinder — and I could not understand the ‘how to’ booklet. Everything on the camera was set on automatic.


3 thoughts on “Kangaroo Island–2007

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  2. This aspect of revisiting old work is the part hat digital has most dramatically changed, for me anyway. I often spend hours sifting backwards though archives of images looking for glimmers of fresh images that I may no have yet been ready to see. Frederick Sommer, has this to say about images we make:-

    “When you go out to make a picture you find you are moved by something which is in agreement with an image you already held within yourself”


  3. Interesting. I do the same with digital.

    The digital images on the computer are like a sketch pad or visual diary, that I return to looking for ideas to explore. Often theses images are closely linked to the image I have in my head that I’m wanting to represent with a camera.

    I’m surprised at how often I’ve come across images in the archive that are suggestive and which I’ve completely overlooked when they were first taken. The Kangaroo Island sketch pad is a good example of this.


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