One of the more noticeable aspects of urban life in the inner city of Adelaide is the number people staggering around the streets after having too much to drink. I notice them more than usual because the poodles are very aware of them –the behaviour of drinks is unpredictable because they stagger.


The drunks are often the homeless older men, aborigines who spend the day in the parklands, and young men staggering around the streets after boozing all night in the nightclub strip. The latter are the most violent and are often aggressive. They are to be avoided because the poodles will attack them if they get too close.


3 thoughts on “drinkwalk

  1. Yes we have trouble with this too. Drunks going home and workers going to work dont mix well in the CBD.
    A friend who works in a bottle shop tells me that as things have started to tighten up here over the last year turnover in his shop has consistantly increased. Its a grab a bottle and a lotto ticket mentality perhaps.


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